• Lacerta Bilineata

SUS SCROFA (WILD BOAR) - A stealth midnight visit...

This family of wild boar (sus scrofa) came to visit our little village on several occasions, usually around midnight. Luckily for me they always came through the underbrush which grows right up to the edge of the narrow road below my garden, so I was able to observe them. The animals were extremely shy and always sent a "scout" ahead to make sure the air was clear. The head of the scout pig would emerge from the foliage and sniff around, and a couple of times it seemed to have heard or smelled us, because it would retreat and no more boar would appear that night.

But when all seemed safe, the whole family would eventually appear from the thick bushes and head towards a large grass patch that usually serves as a parking lot near the center of the village. Apparently what attracted them was that the ground there was very soft, so they could easily plow through it with their snouts and hoofs in search for such delicacies as worms, snails and insect larvae. The picture quality sadly isn't very good (it was taken with a friend's cell phone), but we were happy to capture them at all, as they would flee immediately at the slightest sound, and we didn't want to risk scaring them away with a flash or my noisy camera.