• Lacerta Bilineata

LACERTA BILINEATA - Monteggio, Malcantone, Ticino: a look at the reptile habitat...

In these pictures you'll see where all "the action" took place: my garden in the beautiful community of Monteggio in the Malcantone region of the Ticino, Switzerland. The pictures were taken over a period of 15 years, so there were obviously some changes in the garden during that time, but If you focus on the palm tree (which has grown considerably over the years) and the shed, which remain always in the same spots and are visible in many of the pics, you get a sense of the geography of the place. In summer the micro-climate in this particular area of the Ticino can be almost tropical in the sense that it's hot and very humid with frequent thunderstorms and heavy rain, and I often refer to my garden (half-)jokingly as my "little Swiss rain forest". I guess you can see how animals - particularly lacerta bilineata and other lizards - would feel at home in this "tropical paradise" of mine. By the way, if you look closely, you can spot both a male lacerta bilineata as well as a male podarcis muralis in the last picture of the first gallery below.

A few more impressions of the garden with different weather as well as another male lacerta bilineata in the last picture (by the way, that last picture was taken nearly 15 years ago, and was actually the first I was ever able to shoot of a lacerta bilineata before I figured out how to approach them without them immediately fleeing):

In the following pictures below you get the view from the vegetable (or rather strawberry) garden towards the house, as well as a two evening impressions after a huge thunderstorm. The last image is one of yours truly enjoying the view from the veranda in the lower part of the garden towards the wilderness surrounding our sleepy little village.