Below you'll find videos of western green lizards, filmed in their natural habitat (my garden and its surroundings) in Monteggio, in the Malcantone region of the Ticino, Switzerland. All of the reptiles in these clips also figure prominently in the image galleries on the pages of the photo blog.


I apologize for the somewhat shaky camera in those clips; I try not to disturb the animals, so I often film them from quite a distance with a lot of zoom, and any fellow hobby filmmaker/photographer probably knows from personal experience how your slightest movements inevitably translate into film footage that will even make a sailor seasick when you zoom in hard on an object that is far away without a means of stabilization.


As any hobby filmmaker/photographer will also know, of course, there is a very simple solution for that problem: it's called a tripod (which I've sworn to myself I'll use in the future). Anyway, I hope you still get a sense of the animals' beauty and elegance (and you don't get seasick ;-)